This project shows how to maximize cool (double entendre intentional).  The combination of pool, pavilion, shade cover, and side shade / privacy screen all work together to create the outside cool factor of the space, as well as remove the heat of the blistering Texas summer sun.  With evaporative effect of the pool water, combined with the shade of the structure, you won't need air conditioning to stay comfortable.



The privacy screen drops down to not only provide privacy, but to shield the occupants of the space from the west setting (or east rising) sun.  The pavilion shelters the outdoor kitchen and company from all the elements, while the shade cover extends the space further to accomodate larger groups and allow them to regulate the temperature they feel most comfortable with.  This is all nicely framed with the careful landscaping to help integrate the shade structure with the pool area.

- Kevin Armstrong, Owner, Pioneer Stone Art Company

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